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Stellenbosch Harvest Parade 2017

Stellenbosch Harvest paints City of Oaks red Colourful community celebrates winemaking camaraderie The oak-lined streets of Stellenbosch were invaded by a colourful community of winemaking charismatics on uniquely adorned ‘chariots’ on Saturday, January 28, when the annual Harvest Par
07 February 2017

The Family behind the Kanu Name...
Now, as you may know by now, Kanu is a family affair. So here is a little short version of our family tree. Kanu Wines is owned by our family trust (the "Ben Truter Family Trust" to be exact), with Ben Truter is the MD of Kanu Wines (Who also happens to be my dad). His father, Jan Hendrik Truter (ak
30 August 2013
Interviewing Johan Grimbeek at Kanu
We spent the morning asking Johan about his wines at the beautiful Kanu estate in Stellenbosch. Such an amazing view as well as incredible wines
23 August 2013
Winter on Kanu
Every winter, a quiet calm comes over the Stellenbosch valley. On the farm, the wine is slowly evolving, while the vines have gone into "hibernation". Everything is cool and crisp and green once more, as the farm recuperates in preparation for next year.
28 June 2013
The End of the 2013 Harvest at Kanu
Kanu's 2013 harvest ended with the Noble Late Harvest grapes for the Kia Ora. 80% of the grapes were Botrytis infected, which is exactly what you want when making the Kia Ora. Another highlight was John Grimbeek's basket press, which was a first on Kanu. All our "elite" reds were pressed usi
22 April 2013
Punch-downs and barrel fermenting
Kanu harvest is almost at the end, but the work is far from done. All the "barrel-reds" undergo fermentation with the grape skins, with hourly punch-downs to improve colour and tannins extraction. Other than that, the Viognier, KCB and Chardonnay Barrel Fermented are making music in the cell
02 April 2013
2013 Harvest at Kanu Private Vineyards
With the rush of harvest there has been quite a lot going on at Kanu. Beautiful grapes were hand-picked and sorted, pressed and fermented, leaving mouth-watering aromas to entice all those around! Spirits are at an all-time high as the once solitude, quiet cellar has transformed into a vibey n
05 March 2013
Kanu December and Christmas festival
Kanu definitely finished off this year the way we started it with a BANG! We started the year with the harvest rush; long hours and beautiful fruit. Thursday past we had a Christmas festival to celebrate the fantastic year we've had! Our team is made up of such a beautiful bunch of people, and it
07 January 2013
November at Kanu
While I was taking pictures this morning, I took a moment to absorb my surroundings. The sun was warm on my back, as the chilly breeze blew through my hair. The dust below my feet was powdery and soft, while bright green vines filled my vision and the cry of a Brown Snake Eagle hung lightly in the
29 November 2012
Spring on Kanu
Spring on Kanu As if overnight, spring is seems to be apparent everywhere on Kanu. Honeysuckles whizz between richly coloured flowers and the vegetable garden has been replanted with summer seeds. Soft baby vine leaves are everywhere to be seen, as they suddenly seem to shoot out at the speed of
27 September 2012
August 2012 on Kanu
August has been a busy month full of the hustle and bustle, with a combination between orders, rain, bottling and snow. So it is time to reflect back to the month which we just had, as we take our monthly "moment of simplicity" to marvel at the world around us.
20 August 2012
Kanu at the Great De Bokkedoorns Restaurant
It was the end of July, on a cool and slightly wet Sunday afternoon, when we drove through the beautiful town of Overveen, to De Bokkedoorns. A Michelin starred restaurant famous for both chef and sommelier alike. I had heard so much about the restaurant's food and I was dying to eat there. Fina
19 August 2012
Autumn is celebrating her Grand Finale at Kanu, before passing the torch to Winter
Startling RED leaves are everywhere to be seen in the vineyards. Like flames in the stormy weather; trying to set fire to the rain? The beauty of nature is everywhere to be seen. Not to mention the spectacular contrasts between these red leaves, the bright blue skies and the shocking green grass.
19 June 2012
Kia Ora in the making
Kia Ora is Kanu's famous Noble Late harvest, renowned for its three dimensional flavour and golden colour. But it is not often that one gets the chance to how it is made; from high quality, Botrytis infected grapes. The wonder winemaking is applauded once again!
11 May 2012
2012 March - The month that Kanu painted RED!
March has been the month of red grape pressing. As it always seems to go, most of the red variety grapes were ready to come in at once. The cellar team worked around the clock to get all the work done, before the first autumn rain started to pour down. With friends visiting the farm, win
12 April 2012
2012 Merlot Harvest
March is always the month in which Kanu starts to harvest the red grape varietals. As we have the old Mulderbosch's vineyards, we were, among others, very excited about the quality of the Merlot. A Dutch friend, Jos Munnik, was visiting on the farm during that time and was keen to try his ha
13 March 2012
Kanu 2012 Harvest: Pinot Noir
Kanu Pinot Noir Harvest 2012 In January 2012 Kanu kicked off the seasonal harvest, with beautiful fruit that are going to become beautiful wines. The Pinot Noir was harvested for the Giselle MCC 2012 base wine.
16 February 2012
The Start of the Kanu Harvest season
Kanu's new Willmes press arrived shortly before our first harvest for the season. The Pinot Noir was the first official grapes to be pressed for the 2012 vintage of Giselle Method Cap Classic. Spirits were high, with everyone joking and having fun, whilst working hard. It was amazing for the
20 January 2012
The last bottling stretch of 2011
As we progress to the end of the year, we start the last bottling stretch of the year. This provides us with the much needed space for upcoming 2012 harvest. The GSM (Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre) blend is another new one for Kanu, and here you can see how we bottled it! It will only be released
12 December 2011
Summer time in the vineyards
Spring is slowly morphing into summer, bringing with it the fruit for the next harvest. The lush vineyards are full of ever growing grapes, creating an exciting suspense for the next vintage.
12 December 2011
Kanu Wins at IWSC
In the 2011 International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC), Kanu was honoured to receive the Trophy for the Best Chenin Blanc of 2011, for the Kanu KCB 2007. The KCB 2007 is a wooded Chenin Blanc that was released early 2011. Johan Grimbeek was a guest at the IWSC awards ceremony, which is a
23 November 2011
Summer is everywhere on Kanu...
Although the Cape weather is considered highly confusing, with rain every other day, signs that summer is everywhere on Kanu... The Vineyards are becoming full and beautifully green. Now it is the time that the Kanu Men plait the vines in order to shape its canopy. This is not only to ensure
07 November 2011
Kanu Football Club
Some of the staff at Kanu has taken the initiative to create the Kanu Football Club. They are practicing like crazy, and we are supporting them all the way!
10 October 2011
Kanu Braai Day 2011
This year, Kanu decided to go all out with National Heritage Day. As a team, we celebrated our common heritage with a braai! Even though it was only on Friday afternoon, the spirits were high. Charles and Andrew braaied Boerewors and Roosterkoeke, which went with classic Tomato Smoor; and Fr
28 September 2011
Kanu Rose Bottling and Staff wine tasting
This is how we bottle all our screw cap wines - mobile bottling! Quick and easy. Hassle free. All with a smile! On this particular day, we also did our annual wine tasting, where we discuss wines and do tasting notes. No better way to educate staff and have a fun late Friday afternoon.
01 September 2011
Never a dull moment on Kanu
The first few months, after the relocation from the old Kanu Premises, was DEFINITELY not Dull. We were racing against time to settle in, and get back to business. It was as if we were starting over. New structures had to be put into place, and then we had to get used to them. While the bottl
01 September 2011
The views from Kanu
For me, there is no place more beautiful then Stellenbosch. And we are fortunate enough to be situated on prime property..
01 September 2011
Kanu Rusks
At Kanu we believe that Sharing is Caring, that is rusks and Jam at least. Whenever Nerine or Cathy bakes rusks, or Lionel makes (the BEST) jams, everyone gets!
01 September 2011
The beauty of Kanu
The beauty of Kanu is something that I would like to share with everyone. Not just the fact that everyone on the farm is like a little family, or that everyone is really friendly, or the fact that we are surrounded by the beautiful Stellenbosch valley. I am talking about the natural beauty o
01 September 2011
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